Wednesday, 14 October 2015

" Aunt Birgit, Is That What I Think It Is? "

The lure of onions seems to have bypassed the younger crowd!

When you don't have children, you never have to think of tempting meals to cook. Tempting for the younger palate that is. Just to be on the safe side I thought I would make Macaroni & Cheese. Surely I couldn't go wrong there?

Our kitchen faces the dining room table ( on purpose as I didn't want to always be stuck in the kitchen and miss all the chatter ) and for once it wasn't the best idea. As I was chopping an onion and wiping my eyes, I heard a voice from the gallery

" Aunt Birgit, is that what I think it is? You know I hate onions. "
Several thoughts flashed through my mind, while I felt like a burglar being caught red handed. Seriously, I panicked for a second while an eight year old stared me down. At first I wanted to deny it and pretend it wasn't an onion but then he is clever beyond his years.

Fleetingly I considered changing the menu but then again, no, when in Rome do like the Romans so he would just have to try it. There is always bread and butter on standby.

" Yes Sam, that is an onion. I need it to make your supper taste good. "
Oh, those blessed with kids are snickering at me right now at my idealistic belief in reasoning with an eight year old.

While the dish was in the oven, I had an occasion to converse with Sam on his own. He again made me aware of how unlikely it was that he would eat supper. Again, I was reminded of the onions. Fair enough. He was honest and I liked that.

" Sam, I know now that you don't like onions, but I needed to put them in to make the food taste nice. Try one spoon of it, and if you don't like don't have to eat it. But just try it. "
He looked at me with that angelic lazer look for an unnerving few seconds but then consented to try my meal.

Later, as we sat around the dinner table, he bravely ( with exaggerated acting skills ) tried this spoon of my Macaroni & Cheese. Hats off to him for being true to his word. As he was tasting the food, I already turned to get up for some bread with butter, when his words make me almost drop my cutlery.

" Mmmm, Aunt Birgit this is nice. I like it. Please can I have some more? "
" Oh, of course you can. I am glad you like it. "
" It's better than the one my mummy makes. You must give her the recipe. "

To date, that was my only hit in the culinary department, as last night we made potato wedges and they were rather a disaster...