Friday, 9 October 2015

Why Is It So Difficult To De-clutter Our Wardrobes?

The Achilles heel of many women.

Surely a pair of jeans which honestly I can just about get both legs in, can't be so important that I keep them in my cupboard from one year to the next? Might I pepper this with a stage whisper:

" Don't tell anyone, but I haven't fitted into them since Friends was popular. "

Perhaps I am more like a squirrel than I care to admit. Hoarding, hoarding and more hoarding. But here is the silly part, I am holding on to clothes that under no circumstance I would ever fit into again. And on the off chance that I might, they will be so out of fashion that only the brave would venture out in them.

It took us over a month to get up the nerve to address the chronic state of our wardrobe. Chronic would be when you have to stuff t-shirts or jeans in with great force in order to be able to close the wardrobe door. Never mind, that whatever is languishing at the bottom of each shelf, hardly ever sees the light of day anyway or the outline of our bodies. Shocking, how both Bob and I are so loathe to go into wardrobe battle.

Like a good couple, we attempted this chore together. Anything we thought we might never wear again went into a pile which we later drove to the donation bin ( Each village has one ). In my mind, I had been extremely forceful and pictured airy and barely used shelves. Thoughts are easier than deeds.

We managed a fair amount, but still the shelves are full and Bob dejectedly mumbled about the full laundry hamper & that he was amazed at how many pairs of jeans he actually has...I must say I was rather proud of Bob, because he finally got rid ( ripped up ) his favourite camo pants. Yes, he ripped them beyond repair. Yet, now that I think of it, I haven't seen the debris of them anywhere...has my Schatzi perhaps hidden them somewhere and is merely waiting to take them to a seamstress or to his mom?

Each bit of clothing has a story behind it and perhaps that is the main reason we are so loathe to be parting with them. But isn't it just dreadful seeing a cluttered wardrobe? Almost depressing. No, in fact very depressing and very stupid as I usually wear the same items of clothing most of the time. A handful ( jeans, t-shirts and jerseys ) is enough.