Monday, 26 October 2015

Jaws, Back To The Future & A Boombox.

The retro chic of our youth?

When you are clinging on to your 40's with all your might before dropping into the next round figure, it hits you like a bolt of lightning when those under 20's look at you with a blank stare the moment you mention Jaws. Oh my, we've aged.

The hip classic movie doing the rounds of social media seems to be Back To The Future and what we thought was a modern way to listen to music ( the boombox ) is pointed out as an antique. Honestly, I'd be surprised if anyone on the lesser side of 20 even knows what a tape looks like...I suppose we laughed that way about the gramophone or some such.

Hearing a teenager say that they are clueless regarding the best shark movie of all time, is akin to looking in the mirror first thing in the morning after a night on the town. A jolt giving event!

The other day, one of the boys that I have for extra lessons, was excitedly telling me about this cool movie trilogy called Back To The Future and asked whether I had seen it yet...

" Sam, I watched this movie when it first came out and I had a crush on Micheal J. Fox. "
Naturally I held back the fact that most of us girls in my era had seen it at least a gazillion times. Regardless, he nearly fell off the chair in laughter and I think he asked me how old I really was. Which prompted me to quickly change the subject, successfully.

Before you snicker at me, please remember that for a teenager anyone over 30 ( never mind over 40 ) has one foot in the grave! No reason to make eh, 40 something sound like 60 something.

The other day I heard someone say that our generation had the best time to grow up in. Pre-Internet and it seems that we had the privilege of growing up alongside the best movie director and producer. It isn't often that movies withstand the test of time.

  • Jaws...Steven Spielberg.
  • Back To The Future...Robert Zemeckis ( Director ) Steven Spielberg ( Producer ).
  • Jurassic Park...Steven Spielberg.
  • Indiana Jones...Steven Spielberg.

Just in case you want a retro-movie night, here are a few choices.