Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Could You Do This?

Aren't we all rather stupid for not doing this?

We all moan about the flash that whizzes past us all the time.

" Geez, time just goes so fast! "
and so we realize that doing something for the time span of a year is not so hard. Sort of.

Only this morning I heard how the Smartphone companies are rubbing their hands in glee with the prospect of the oncoming Christmas season. A season to be jolly and it seems a season to yet again upgrade your phone.

Like lemmings we jump of the cliffs and get a new phone. What is wrong with our old phone...the phone we bought last year. Positivey ancient! What with peer pressure, low self esteem and too much loose change in our pockets ( +- a few hundred euros or dollars ) we follow the herd and upgrade yet again. Being trendy seems to be the most important issue in our lives. If you don't believe me, just go to any mall, coffee shop, meeting, schoolyard...and see what everyone is flashing about, or constantly bowing to.

But do you ever wonder what happens to your castaway phone? It is not like a banana peel that you can toss out the window because it decomposes naturally. No, throwing away Smartphones is one of the most toxic environmental affairs.

Your Smartphone's secret afterlife.

It is rather ironic, that the one item that stops us relaxing and living a life free from constant interruptions, is also the most coveted by all. Is it just me, or does it seem like we have morphed into Smartphone junkies?

So, here is what we should try to do...

  • Only buy new things, when the old ones are broken or worn out.
  • Don't buy anything because you like the new shape, colour or because your friends have it.