Monday, 19 October 2015

It's The Yah-ellows That Have It...

A glimpse of Autumn.

Bucking the trend and staying tall and yellow. Elton John's song
' I'm still standing...
keeps running through my mind.
The friendly crowd next to it. It was the most amazing sight to find. Walking in the vineyards and admiring the slumber of Autumn and suddenly being rewarded with a bright yellow flower bed.
The vines have turned into a smorgasbord of colour. Rather stunning to walk about now, as each vine has varying shades of Autumn. A walk among them makes you forget any problems or irritations.
A simple tree on a pavement. The yellow and green speckles of each leave was magnetic. Yesterday was misty and slightly grey except for the dots of colour in the landscape. In fact, they became more prominent because of the mist.
...For whom the bells toll... alas, for the leaves it is a downhill slide off their branches.