Saturday, 10 October 2015

A Friendly Day, A Saturday, A Caturday!

The clash of domestic titans.

As it is said, the pen is mightier than the sword and it follows that a kitten is mightier than a dog. Louder too, because if you'd have heard this little bundle of cuteness belt out a hiss, you wouldn't have believed it.
" Woof woof, I want to play with you. "
but as they say, cats are curious and aloof creatures. But, I do admit that this little one might have been scared. Yet, the two of them are living as neighbours with permeable fences. And no, alas they are not our pets.
It was so cute seeing them perform a ritual which they do on an almost daily basis. All he wanted to do was play and the little cutie hissed and shot our her front legs to get in a swipe. She didn't rush off though.
A classic fighting stance. The flapping ears almost reflect fun and enjoyment, while the kitten with its open ajar is almost audible in its hissing...
Don't be alarmed at seeing a black kitten. An old wife's tale... If I could have, I would have smuggled the little kitten home. So cute and so full of pluck. She stood her ground and was mightier than the dog.