Friday, 23 October 2015

Handcrafted Wine And Some Pressing Matters.

Not every grape ends up on a supermarket display!

We got the call up for a stint of pressing duty. No, really, pressing business and rather important business too.
When you see the richness of the colour, you can just feel a good vintage brewing. Did I mention the delightful aroma wafting through the cellar? These grapes have been fermenting for a few could get tiddly on the fumes alone. This recycled washing machine drum is a perfect way to speed up the pressing of the grapes.
A manual wine press. The fermented grapes get put in and then squeezed for their juice. It takes time and a few rounds of pressing are usually on the cards.
As a lever presses down on the pile of grapes, the juice can be collected in a bucket and then put into the vat. By the way, the hardest part of the pressing ( or anything to do with making wine ) is the thorough cleaning with high pressure water before and after...
Even though I used a flash while taking these photos, the colour is that vibrant. Give it some more time and this future wine will be divine.
No words need with this picture...awesome colours.
We use everything except the stems. The dried and squeezed out grape skins & their pips, get put into these green containers and from this lot, a Grape Schnapps will be made. All natural and no additives. The good life in paradise.