Sunday, 18 October 2015

What If Some Of The Things We Think Are Bad For Us, Are Actually Good For Us?

Could there be a global wave of happiness?

Look, right off I am still against these awful cigarettes.They are just plain bad in my opinion. But for years we have been taught that this that and the other is extremely bad for us and our thighs. I don't even need to list the supposed culprits as we all know them!

Somebody along the lines of food history told us what we should and shouldn't eat or drink. But now, there seems to be a crack, no make that fissure in this thought movement. Just the other day, it was admitted that actually, whole fat dairy might be much better for us then the tasteless low or no fat dairy. Jeez-a-lou...all those years of drinking grey looking cups of coffee!

To meat or not to meat, to chocolate or not to chocolate and to wine and not to w(h)ine is a subject that keeps most of us busy throughout the day.

The secret of the health benefit of red wine is long out of the bag and if you are not convinced, hop across the pond and into France. Red wine and divinely fatty cheeses keep the French slender and their hearts healthy.

The latest contrary idea making the rounds of Social Media is an idea so outrageous that it starts to make sense after a few moments of contemplation. Whether it is true ( perhaps not ) is secondary because the mere thinking of it makes it of my favourite sayings is after all that You Think It, You Ink It.

Drinking a glass of red wine is equivalent to one hour of working out...
Oh, just imagine how much fun it would be to shape your body into a more slender line. Just last night, attending a friends 50th Birthday party, I did two hours of strenuous workout and my Schatzi did many hours more...

If they come up with workout times for chocolate, fatty cheeses and more, the ensuing group think might just rescue our planet from this constant bad, angry or dissatisfied mood phenomena.