Tuesday, 5 January 2016

10 Things That Are Just Too Darn Irresistible To Our Cat.

A touch of feline magnetism.

  1. Any part of our computer...be it the eh, mouse, keyboard or monitor is too tempting not to sit or lie on them.
  2. The kitchen table and not under it but on top of it.
  3. A toe not tucked under the blanket in the middle of the night seems like a present and just to hard to resist.
  4. A plain wall. Yes, walls were made to be scaled by cats.
  5. A fly on the window gets especially long feline stares.
  6. A visit to the loo...while I am in it & without permission!
  7. Any forbidden room becomes a feline mission of stealth watching and dashing through our legs before the door had a chance to close. So like a ninja that we don't really know if she is in or outside the room.
  8. Being picked up by Bob and surveying the world while tucked into his arms. She will meow until he picks her up.
  9. The sound of the food sachet being ripped open will awaken her from the deepest sleep and have them at the feeding bowl before you.
  10. My gentle snores are also just too irresistible and tend to be an instant signal for her to cuddle next to me and she is gentle as can be.


Innocence personified...