Sunday, 24 January 2016

The Hard Life Of Our Cat.

...the life of Maus, Miss Maus...

It was a cold winter's day in Eisenberg....but not for Miss Maus!
A cute little stretch for the camera...I did threaten her with less cuddling if she didn't look cute... For some reason she loves to burrow on top of the blanket but in between my calves.
I think she got a bit tired of my pointing the camera towards her. But, how cute is our little princess?
If cuteness was an Olympic category, this little one would win Gold for sure.
Now you can understand why both Bob and I are her slaves...

Striking the pose...maybe she'll get a job offer so that she can get fed royally.
As unladylike as this looks, she loves stretching on her back and having her belly scratched. Who wouldn't like that?