Friday, 1 January 2016

On The Other Side Of Eisenberg.

Off the beaten track...

It was so bitterly cold yesterday morning, that even my fingers turned into a pins & needles cushion after taking these few photos. As I said, this is looking onto Eisenberg from a rare angle.
Even in the minus 8 or so degrees the morning brought, the reds of the rose berries are hardly tarnished. In fact, they are the bows wrapping an otherwise bare bush. Rather nice.
Unless I am mistaken, in the background of the picture is a glimpse of Hungary. This bit of orchard has a rather romantic feel to it.
Is it a bath, is it a place of dreams or is it simply a buck feeder? This is a dead giveaway for any Eisenberger to know where these photos were taken.
When you look for it, there is always a good side, angle or feature to everything. Rather sad, that this bitter cold has had many locals stay indoors, missing the awesomeness of our fields, acres, forests and village.
Nothing special, yet it really is everything. A reflection of nature and the sheer joy it seems to reflect, in being nature. All year round nature shows us a beautiful side of it...let's look after it.