Friday, 15 January 2016

Who's Got Poo At The Bottom Of Their Shoe?

Bob and I had an adventours trip yesterday...

We hadn't driven more than a kilometer when my olfactory senses were accosted by that awful smell. There is only one way to describe it and it is: yuk. Of course the two of us never do things in half measures and this incident had to happen in the midst of winter.

It is a testament to how cemented our relationship is because thinking back to our courting days, a whiff of poo while driving would have brought out the blushes and a nonchalant fidgeting at the window.

Well, I looked at Bob and raised my eyebrow demanding to know whether he had broken the cardinal rule of driving in our 'smells ' allowed!... and before I even voiced my question he replied in an offended way.

" If I smelled like dog poo, I'd have a problem. Clearly it's not mine! "

If we'd been in South Africa, we both would have wound down the window and aired the cab, but alas, yesterday was a cold day and opening the windows would have brought its own punishments. No, we were incubating this awful smell in our enclosed warm car and it amplified to such an extent that it had the two of us almost retching. Mind over matter perhaps?

Bob looked for the nearest place to stop the car and than a game of who's at fault ensued with both of us lifting our shoes to check.

And, Bob was the winner. Muttering about having it out with the dog who left a parcel on our verge, he tried to undo the damage to his winter shoes. Oh yes, they had tread and a lot of it. So much that getting into the grooves proved a challenge.

Bob did the best he could in the odd patches of grass he found and after a few minutes we drove on...and of course the smell drove along! When we finally reached Oberwart, he ducked into the nearest loo to sort out the problem but, and as they say you only learn from doing, the smell continued to hover in our car until we realized that Bob had indeed put his foot on the various pedals and left his mark...

All my persuasive efforts to make Bob believe that it is a sign of good luck when you step into a pile of dog poo, fell on deaf ears but just in case, I bought a lottery ticket...