Friday, 29 January 2016

T.M.I...Or Rather Too Much Information.

The missing piece of the puzzle seems to be etiquette.

Everyone and their uncle charlie are online perusing, cruising and ambling along the virtual Facebook town square. A nod here, a hallo there and a dismissive shrug there. Just like in real life or is it?

Imagine, that we were to transpose our virtual behaviour onto our real life. Let's go around a whole day, imparting the all of our important stuff face to face...

  • " It's my birthday today, don't forget to congratulate me."
  • " I've just booked this most expensive holiday, are you envious?"
  • " Here is my blog, read it."
  • " Let me show you my photos! "
  • " Did you know that in Timbucktoo someone fell out of a tree and survived?
  • " Today I've shopped at the mall in 10 different shops, I've had coffee in
    three restaurants and I've been at the airport. "
  • " I so so so very much love my wife / husband / children / parents. "
  • " I survived a lot of years being married, make sure to congratulate me."
  • " Come, let me tell you a really disgustingly crude joke. "

We seem to be overloaded with trivial information, information that in the past was kept behind the doors of a marriage, household or family. Don't get me wrong, it is fun to follow the dotted line that people leave behind with their comments and entries. Almost like being a that proverbial fly on the wall in a family's living room.

Often, a line from Shakespeare runs through my mind as I am reading someone's posting:

...Methinks thou dost protest too much...