Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Self Service Car Wash & Petrol Stations.

Doing it yourself is fun and easy.

Back in South Africa, almost all petrol stations are full service and I hate to admit it, but before I arrived here in Austria, yours truly had never filled her own car with petrol. That was just how things were done, rightly or wrongly, and therefore, the simple art of filling up the tank was a mystery to me.

But, I actually wanted to talk about having our car washed or rather going to wash it ourselves. Not that boring affair in our driveway but rather the posh event in a Self Service Car Wash. Yes, having your car washed back in S.A. was again done by someone else. The odd few car enthusiasts did of course see to it themselves and lovingly caressed their chariots with waxes and so forth.

After a week of snow, ice and the dreaded road salt, our car looked in serious need of a clean. If the visual didn't do the trick, the fact that Bob asked me for something to wipe off the number plate made me suggest that we should rush to the nearest place to sort it out.

Alas, that marvelous mixture they strew on our roads ( marvelous for grip but not so much for metal ), tends to make a unique car into a run of the mill one. Yes, all look alike, spattered with that dark grey mush from the roads. The dull greys of winter.

I had been to the Opthamologist in Güssing to have an eye seen to and, I find it rather amazing that most of these specialists are quite handsome. This particular one fitted the mold and I dare say, that a trip to the eye doctor in Güssing is a treat looked forward to by most of the female patients...

We had just packed the last of our groceries into our car, when the warm ( plus 12 degrees ) weather made us rush to the car wash around the corner. If it is below freezing, it isn't the best of ideas to wash your car, as moisture on the metal might freeze.

Do you know, the two of us almost bickered over who got to do the washing. Holding that high pressure hose in your hand and working against the clock to shampoo and rinse all of the car in one minute is addictive. Whether it is the pressure of the water or seeing the dirt simply sliding off the car, is debatable.

For one Euro, we got a minute. If you want to dawdle, you can and need to then put in a few more Euros. A fun outing indeed.

As you can see, Bob won the coin toss and really enjoyed the car wash event.
One danger in this quick event is the threat of being tangled up in those many hoses, and at one point Bob did ask for my help in untangling him, but I was too busy taking photos...