Tuesday, 12 January 2016

As Sad As David Bowie's Passing Is, It's Making Us See Our Lives With Different Eyes.

Darn, youth really is wasted on the young...

The collective outpouring of grief is unblievable and wonderful to be a part of. There are only a handful of artists, who can elicit such a response. Not only a nation, but the whole world has shown its grief and sorrow.

Growing up in that charmed time of the late 70's and 80's, songs of David Bowie were omnipresent and even if you weren't a hardcore fan of his, chances were that you knew most of the words to his songs. And no, I wasn't a Bowie fan although of course I liked some of his music.

But here is the thing, Bowie's music is part of our psyche, part of our soul and more importantly is woven into the fabric of our lives. Yes, just sit back and think about it...

When the various news station played snippets of his iconic songs, I had an Aha moment and I am fairly sure that I am not alone.

These are the songs which accompanied me through important parts of my life.
Those times in my life that even though I was searching for more, were in retrospect, perfect already. Yes, just think about it. When you heard one of his songs yesterday, didn't it take you back to your youth? All those strictures and chains we were hypnotized into putting on us in order to achieve that illusion of perfection drummed into us by society, suddenly fell away with the sheer ridiculousness of them.

And yes, youth is wasted on so many of us, because we are just to silly to get the point. The point of living life the way it is and being happy with it at each step along the hopefully long stretch of it.

David Bowie's death has made a lot of us understand that life is good. Life will never be coated in that illusion of perfection that all of us want to be wrapped in. Life is for living and life has bumps over the course of it but that is how it should be.

Looking back on his iconic songs which at the time were what one could call out there, made me see the musical genius that he was and still is. His name is now chiseled into that exclusive list of artists, those that throughout history have influenced, moved and shaped the world...

David Bowie, thank you for your music.