Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Win Some, Lose One!

A perfect offering to the Gods of Tombola?

Our day was two fold yesterday. First we've had a visit from two firemen and no, not for a professional opinion but they were going around the neighbourhood in order to collect for the yearly tombola. Yes, they were selling raffle tickets.

The last few years, I have been a bit miffed that our raffle ticket didn't step up to the plate or rather step up to the lovely big screen TV that is and was the main prize. Often it is won by someone who already has several walls coated in TV's. Note, ticket in singular...

Well, when they pulled out the leaflet, Bob and I looked at each other and did one of those telepathic looks that married folks tend to acquire after years of trial and error ( not to be confused with a trying look ) and we pulled out our big spender's pants and promptly got five raffle tickets. At an Euro a ticket, we felt it was worth the chance to coat our wall as well. Hold thumbs.

The one fireman ( Bob's colleague ) was laboriously writing out each and every ticket with name & address, when the other one piped up:

" Why don't you just write ' Bob ', there is only one in our village after all! "

Later that same day ( gosh, that sounds like the paragraph before someone gets done in ), saw us driving to have a nice family meal across the way in Hungary. We were a multi cultural group
( Germans, Americans & South Africans ) and somehow our meal choice reflected it: The table was akin to a farmyard with pork, duck, deer, wild boar and some mushrooms. A definite adventure lunch which turned out great.

Driving home, we stopped to get some cake at Lendl's and as I got back into our car, I noticed a missing hub-cap. A strange sight and as we don't know where it decided to part company with us, we can't very well retrace our steps...Never mind, I am sure you've also seen the many hub-caps lingering on the side of the road waiting to be picked up. Surely one will fit onto our car.

But, perhaps this was an offering to the God of Tombola and in two weeks time we'll have traded a hub-cap for a big screen TV...