Sunday, 31 January 2016

A Craving For Kartoffelpuffer & Apfelmus Turns Into An Aha Moment.

Rösti & applesauce would be something similar.

Oh, talking of Aha moments, do you also remember that dishy lead singer, Morten, from the band Aha? Goodness, we gals were going gaga over him...

Yesterday evening, being a Saturday both of us felt like something different and of course yummy to eat. A dilemma faced by many a cook when staring into the emptiness of a semi filled fridge. Everyone can create mouth watering creations on the day you buy groceries, but five days later, not that easy. Remember, we only do a weekly shop.

We had a lot of potatoes ( which we both love ) but didn't have enough butter to heap atop a steaming boiled potato. Without there being a river of melting butter on a boiled potato, I won't make it! That butter was earmarked for a scrumptious fried egg on toast for breakfast today. Standing there, regarding the full bag of potatoes, I had a flashback to my childhood and that divine meal of Kartoffelpuffer & Apfelmus! Even writing about it makes my taste buds water.

It is unfortunate that such an easy and delicious dish has got such a tongue twister of a name. Well, that is if you are not in tune with the Germanic linguistic style. The Swiss were more forward thinking or should I say global thinking and named it Rösti, short & semi-sweet indeed.

Basically, it is a mini-pancake made with grated raw potatoes, onions and perhaps an egg in it. There are many recipes but all have the same topping. You serve it with apple sauce. Sort of savoury sweet. If done right, it should have a crispy surface that is golden brown, makes crunching noises while you eat it and reminds you of potato chips, which it is in a way.

At first I wanted to surprise Bob with something different but the rasping sound of the potatoes being grated brought him tout-de-suite into the kitchen. I think he was worried that we'd either be having grated cabbage or carrots!

When I told him what I was attempting to make and that the only thing missing was a jar of apple sauce, he used his common sense and brought me to my senses...

" Just make your own. We've got lots apples and what do you think apple sauce is anyway? "

What the dickens, oh my gosh, he was so right. Apple sauce or the nicely named Apfelmus doesn't have to come from a supermarket shelf. I peeled four apples, cut them into smaller pieces and put them with a bit of water into a pot.

Before my Kartoffelpuffers were ready, the apple sauce was too. And you know something, it was a killer which was just as well, because my potato pancakes were more of a prototype and needed to be masked by it.

I will definitely make this meal again and as they say, practice makes perfect. Despite my Kartoffelpuffers not being perfect, it took me back to my childhood and cemented itself as a dish to have when I need a bit of mental TLC.

What is your childhood meal that instantly cheers you up?