Monday, 1 February 2016

Take It Or Leaf It...

Providing the odd splash of colour in the forest.

A simple bunch of leaves yet they are so detailed and full of movement.
Twisted into shapes more reminiscent of a pretzel...walking passed them I couldn't help but take notice.
The pale side of these blades do make it interesting to see. A bright spot indeed.
A view of wine to think that in nine month time, we will be harvesting and pressing grapes.
The corn left for the winter. All over one can see strips of cornfields that seem to have been forgotten at harvest. Actually, they are a feeding station for the local deer life, to tide them over for the winter.
The shapes do resemble a pasta fork, don't they? I know it seems like an ordinary bland sort of photo, but don't forget, this is part of nature that keeps us alive.