Wednesday, 17 February 2016

The Art Of Choosing The Right Tissue.

An important decision whilst afflicted with a cold...

Look, for the past week or so I have been using loo paper as a tissue, because isn't all paper the same? My slight similarity with Rudolph, The Red Nosed... proves this wrong and it might be explained by my need to buy recycled.

Recycled loo paper is not a purchase you want to start pondering on the ways it is made (!!!) but as it helps save the planet and is surprisingly cheap, we use it instead of the luxurious 5 ply loo paper.

Goodness, have you ever taken the time to study the various loo papers on offer? A whole grocery isle full and in all shapes and colours. Some have hearts or little animals printed on them, others are so multi-plyed in size, that you need to post a warning for your family members:

" Attention husband & kids: Only use two sheets maximum. Three sheets will block the pipe. "

Actually, how do they make recycled loo paper? I suppose that some things should best be left unsaid...

My nose was protesting in a very painful way and of course it was my mum who had the answer.

" What, you haven't been using proper tissues? No wonder. Go and get yourself some tissues. "
Yesterday, Bob and I bought a pack of tissues, and almost like giddy kids both of us have been using them even when we didn't need to. Goodness, talk about a silky feel.

But, enough about tissues and on to that last stronghold of the 19th century...The handkerchief made of linen or cotton. Well, that could be a hit and miss affair for your nose when you pull it out your pocket without looking.

You know, at school back in the day when crafts were still passed on to girls, we learned the art of embroidering. Anything from a table cloth, napkin to a handkerchief. Somehow I would like to believe that those handkerchiefs given were more for display than for utility.