Sunday, 7 February 2016

A Flock Of Sheep Among The Vineyards Of Deutsch Schuetzen.

A nice complement to a walk in the vineyards.

I have heard via the grapevine ( !!! ) that there are some lambs in our vineyards. Well, I set of yesterday morning expecting to see them in a manger but it seems my news was a tad bit behind times. The lambs, no this seems to be the mother sheep, were past that cute baby stage.
There in the middle is one of the lambs. Still cute and all of them were more than happy to pose for me.
Doesn't it have the gentlest of eyes?
Somehow this looks like the ram ( ? ) and he was scratching his head, while keeping a beady eye on me...
Striking a model pose...
Isn't this sheep's expression too marvelous?
" You look so familiar, don't I know you from somewhere? "

A view to a wintry vineyard. What a fantastic idea to keep a flock of sheep in it. A natural lawnmower and a natural weed eliminator. What a brilliant idea! I can't wait to try glass of that wine down the line...