Monday, 29 February 2016

Serendipity And Synchronicity Are Undervalued.

It's all meant to be...

How often do we lament and fret about things that didn't happen or go the way we wanted them to? Sleepless nights and at times less than favourable feelings towards fate are often the norm.

Why is it so difficult to believe that all is well and all as it should be? If only we would, we'd save a lot of stress, heartache and frown lines.

Once you get into this line of thinking, and I have to admit that a lot of times I do need a reminder from above, it all makes sense. Only yesterday, another penny dropped and what a few weeks ago made me less than happy, is now a case of...Thank Goodness.

Somehow the lanes of our lives do perhaps take the odd bend but on the whole, we will end up on them at some stage. Or at least, I believe it.

Our education does make a big difference and at times not in a good way. Having spent a lot of time training to be only one thing, does make one less than flexible once the serendipitous opportunities of life, knock at one's door. Going with the flow seems much easier when you are a jack of all trades, so to speak.

Most of us can look back on those cross roads of life where we took the less than favourable turn. Had we only gone with the flow of life, it would have been so much easier. Come on, of course you have one such instance at least...

Preconceived ideas have a somewhat dowsing quality on serendipity yet, we cling to them with an alarming tenacity. A few decades or so ago, this type of thinking was relegated to
" Oh, those Hippies " who read self help books, but now, with life becoming ever more difficult to traverse, those that have a Hippy mentality do have a smoother and more content drive on the road of life.

Cruise control versus the constant shifting of gears and speeds.

To me, knowing that nothing happens without reason, is a wonderful and soothing thing. People we meet and opportunities we get are there for a reason...