Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Lent Is Here Again...

A term that's universally known and understood.

Most of us have heard the term Lent and have at least thought about following it for the 40 days or so. Somehow, it has been embraced not only by the devout religious, but also by many sporadic church goers. Perhaps, we all need that mental crutch to help us along with a form of personal sacrifice.

A lot of people of course try their own from of Lent each and every Monday after they have abandoned any form of food discipline over the weekend. But, you know, Lent shouldn't only be about those usual suspects of:

No sugar or sweets, no meat or no alcohol...
. Those are kind of easy especially when you know that there is an end in sight.

The more worthwhile sacrifices and therefore more difficult to adhere to during Lent are an opportunity to make a difference in someone's life and your own:

  • Taking care of our inner self, and being kind to ourselves all the time, in thought and action.
  • Being kind to others whenever the choice presents itself. Also when they are not there such as no gossiping etc.
  • Spending real time with your children. A time each day, where all Internet connected devices are switched off. At least an hour a day where you can talk and listen to your children without interruptions.
  • In fact, digging out your old cell/mobile phone and leaving the smartphone dormant for 40 days.
  • Having one meal a day where the whole family actually sits down at the dinner table to eat a meal. Sounds simple, yet we all are guilty of lap suppers...
  • If you are a mother, do something each day that is just for you. It could be taking the time to sit and read a book, going for a pampering session at the salon, or visiting a friend for a chat without feeling guilty about things not done.
    How can you take care of your whole family if you don't take care of yourself first?
  • Spending the 40 days only buying what you need not what you want.