Wednesday, 24 February 2016

It's As Easy As A-B-C...Or Is It?

English as a second language has rather tricky bits in it...

When you are twelve, you consider yourself a grown up and anything resembling the early years is embarrassing to say the very least. Scholastically speaking, of course. So, enter yours truly.

During our extra English lesson, an essay was constructed and imagined. I say imagined, as I have found out that the actual content to be written about takes longer to make up than the actual writing of it. Often, the adherence to strict facts is a hindrance and my:

" You know, it is your story and you can make up things. "
falls on deaf ears.

Anyway, I helped him spell a word but spelled it in English. Oh, never take the basics for granted because for a lot of foreign language students, the ABC is not on hand. Especially with German, the i's and the e's are inverted in sound.

When I noticed that he hadn't learned the audible ABC so well ( if at all ), I told him that we'd practice the basic ABC. Oh, you should have seen his expression! The alpahbet is associated with Kindergarten and not with high school...

As I know that the teachers do test the spelling skills, I went ahead and spelled out a few words, while he raised his eyes in disgust...but only for a word or two.

When he noticed that it wasn't as easy as ahem, ABC, he got into this spelling exercise and we had fun, especially with the u. Trying to spell the word, unusual, I started with the u and he kept on saying:

" Yes, me. I heard you, but please start spelling already..."