Monday, 15 February 2016

The Day After Valentine's.

Was it worth it?

Many might be disappointed, many might have stars in their eyes and many might have done foolish things that could need arbitration down the road.

It was inevitable with the rate of staged moments that are clogging up our Facebook, that there would be those theatrical productions where at first glance you go:

Oh, why can't I have that?
but on second more sobering thoughts you realise that all this glitz and glamour is merely done to look impressive and to make sure the rest of your friends and family buy into your romance. By the way, whatever happened to private bliss? Really, if you need to be so public about it, are your actually that happy?

Having Valentine's fall on a Sunday must have made the restaurants and bistros full with eager couples and sadly most of them equipped with a Smartphone to inform the rest of us. Too much information but at least some of the restaurants got good exposure as everyone wants to show off where they went, and what they ate.

As you might have gathered, I am a touch old fashioned and tend to think that romance and love have a different appearance. All those pretty staged moments professing endless love, are just the wrapping. Gift wrapping can be as beautiful as anything, but when it is wrapped around a brick, that's all it is.

Yesterday, many gals will have lived their dream of romance via a romantic meal with perhaps Prince Charming and imagining all the places he could hide the ring. Many a glass of champagne will have been lifted carefully ( just in case it held a ring ) and chocolate desserts will have been eaten ladylike in order not to bite into a diamond or two...Pity, if it was an almond chocolate muffin cause that might have raised many false hopes.

Hollywood has been clever these last hundred years or so. They have never really alluded to what happens the day after you catch your Prince Charming. Catching your own one, might have some conditions attached to him which could include a life of domestic bliss or miss...