Sunday, 28 February 2016

Anonymity In A Small Village, Eh, What Is That?

As a villager, one is known...

The other day, yesterday, I went for my usual morning excursion in the vineyards. A fast walk around the neighbourhood, one that is instinctive to me but is a guilty reminder for those who see me striding along in the comfort of their car. At least they give me a nod, wave or the odd hoot.

On a weekend I do tend to mix it up a bit and include the local shop in my route. Weekend is fried egg breakfast time after all, and often Schatzi and I wake up too late to make our own bread. Even though we do buy all the ingredients with the best of intentions.

The loop with the shop in it, is at the very end of my route and it was tres funny when 100 meters from the shop, I chatted to a few neighbours, village style:

One neighbour was chugging past in his tractor and idled next to me on the road for a wee chat. Nice, and while we shot the breeze, other neigbours across the road watched us and gave a friendly wave. Not much more you can do over the chug chugging of a tractor.

Happy with my morning's tidbits, I shopped for a minute and then turned back for home. Naturally, I walked the same route back and a la village style, got a:

" Oh, that was a short walk today ".
" No, I did walk the Deutsch Schützen Weinberg first, I promise..."

Oh yes, people notice and that is a good thing because it shows they care. In a world where most of us tend to live with either our heads in our newly discovered clouds or our heads bent down in order to not miss a thing online, it is a treasure beyond words to be able to exchange real life

Likes, cheers, smiley face, comments and of course the ever present and often amusing gossip.

Not to mention the pleasure of having a good posture for a change. Living online tends to make us a bit bent in the head, eh sorry, neck.