Saturday, 13 February 2016

" What, You Don't Like Grass? "

A green tale of Burgenland.

" Look Love, I told you that this is the best grass there is! "

Today seems to be a grey and rainy day so I thought a rehash of greens wouldn't be amiss. Even I was blown away by the sheer beauty of even a plain meadow.
Deutsch Schützen being picturesque in the background.
A grassy shore...also know as a ditch besides the road. Yet, it has an attraction of its own.
I just love the movement of the water. The green grass mixed with its straw like cousins adds to it.
A picture says a thousand words...this gander is looking for his goose perhaps?
...and by the look of his family, he found his goose. I have shown these goose photos a few years ago, but they are so cute and just the thing for a rainy Saturday.