Friday, 12 February 2016

Let's Be Kind To Our Own Mind.

Take the first off-ramp from Guilt Avenue.

As I am a woman, I can only speak for the feminine side of this but I can imagine that men have just as tough a time living life. There are so many instances during a normal day that I am not kind to my mind. It almost seems as though there is a constant looping tape running in the background of life. These are just a few of them, superficial yes, but there nonetheless.

  • Should I really be eating this as the pants are a bit tight?
  • Should I really be reading my book as there are things to be done in the household?
  • Should I dust / hoover / clean more often?
  • Should I wear something else so that I fit in with the others?
  • Should I be doing more?
  • Should I be kinder / funnier / younger / thinner / cleverer / more successful?

Frankly, even when there is a gap in the schedule, as one calls a holiday, that stupid tape keeps on looping and just in case I can find the off switch, society speedily keeps me away from it.

Have you noticed how our whole lifestyle is catered to being frazzled, hectic and stressed? This kind of state does sell more stuff, makes us do more stuff and keeps us on the Consumption Avenue, that avenue which keeps conglomerates in business.

The 1 %'ters do need the 99%'ters to be in business. Imagine if we'd all see the light and suddenly become happy and content with what we have and are and look like? If most of us pulled the handbrake in our hamster wheel that we call life, it would send a nasty shiver down the 1 %'ters...

Advertising is imprinted on most of us from an early age and advertising sells us a lifestyle which keeps us chained to our own hamster wheel. Buying more than we need increases the speed.

Finally giving in to that guilty feeling that we must do a Spring Clean brings home the ugly truth, that most of what we had bought, has only been used once and then it ended up in some corner or cupboard only to be seen ( or noticed ) again a year down the road when you throw it out.

I don't know about you, but I am going to try and be kinder to my mind by simplifying my life as much as possible, because I think that is one way to get off the hamster wheel....the other one is of course, Lotto!