Monday, 22 February 2016

The Moon Was Oh So Bright Last Night.

Are we in tune with the moon's appearance?

Somehow, during a full moon it seems as though everyone's emotions are a bit more vibrant. Even in our house, Bob has mumbled the odd comment of:

" Oh, of course its a full moon. "
. I have heard it said that during a full moon everyone is as they are only more so. True or not?

...Of course, we mustn't forget the lure of the tales of werewolves and vampires loving a full moon...Oh, should I cook with more garlic, just in case?

A lot of people swear by the moon calendar and here in Burgenland, Radio Burgenland broadcast a segment about the moon phases. I might have a chuckle at it, but at the same time I do take heed of it. Here are a few items that I've heard on the moon segment:

  • Today it is / is not a good idea to clean windows...oh, I like it a a lot.
  • Today it is / is not a good day to have your hair cut.
  • Today is / is not a good day to make jams and pickles.
  • Today it is / is not a great day to plant in your garden.
  • Today is / is not a good day to start your diet.

Believing in something does make life easier and why not go with the age old ways of the moon and its phases. Seeing a full moon brings home how quickly time passes because it just seemed like the other day that the last one was outside our window.

Well, here in our home, I tend to go with all the what not to do today, and boycott the cleaning of windows or starting of diets...

Outside our window last night.
Bright as can be...