Thursday, 11 February 2016

A Midnight Performance Of David & Goliath.

Our lounge gets de-bugged.

I was settling in, reading my book and waiting for Morpheus to descend on me when I heard a strange noise. Her ladyship's basket ( the luxuriously parental outfitted one ) was rocking from side to side and a shape was wriggling either inside it or under the blanket.

Watching her change between jumping into the basket and biting the edge and being outside it while using her paw to give it nudges, made me wonder whether she had picked up a neurosis or two? Nurture versus nature indeed. This whole in & out of the basket affair while biting at its side carried on for at least fifteen minutes.

My novel was engrossing but when I happened to look her way, I was a tad bit grossed out. Our lovely little darling, she who as we speak is slumbering on my lap or who at times snuggles next to me all night, was toying with a tiny little bug. Oh yes, a bug the size of a fly. The proverbial David next to her Goliath stature.

On the one hand I was jolly glad to see that she was sans neurosis but on the other hand I saw a cat toying with a living thing. Even in her slumber state she must have heard this bug meandering about in the inside of her wicker basket. Her ears are bat like and this little tiny bug was what she had been trying to get at. Successfully I might add.

For about five minutes, she flicked the poor bug with her paw so that it flew alarming high only to have it drop back at her side. A bit of a pretending to eat it but the fun for her was too great because she spat it out and threw this indestructible bug all over our lounge floor. At one stage she got alarming close to my perch and it made me get ready to duck a bug.

I felt a bit bad for it and decided to rescue it but by then she had made a late night snack out of it. Well, I must admit, that I was a bit disconcerted by her sheer joy of toying with a live bug but then I remembered that she was just being herself and I should count my lucky stars that I didn't see a performance of a mouse being flung about. Of course, I know that at some stage we will awaken to a dead mouse being gifted to us by our cat...


..." Where are you, you little bug? "...