Sunday, 14 February 2016

A Bouquet Of Flowers For You On Valentine's Day.

No flowers were bought, sold or destroyed for your bouquet...

As it is Valentine's, a red flower should start the show, or rather steal the show?
The humble daisy is anything but. A flower more cheerful couldn't be had to my mind. Simple yet stunning.
Aren't those colours strong, vivid and wonderful to take in? Nature is the most prolific florist. Oh, and it is free.
A few poppies hidden away in the rural grass jungle.
An orderly formation of flowers. Vibrant and magnetic.
The mauve bunch growing in the meadow next to the wheat fields. I did say these flowers were free, but truthfully, they cost the price of a nice walk in Nature!
To end of, a red rose from gracing the row of vines...and ideal for Valentine's.