Thursday, 4 February 2016

Life Really Is Beautiful.

It just depends how you see it.

Often we get so stuck to a certain point of view, that we forget that a glass which is half empty is in fact half full. A lot of us are so imprisoned by our thoughts, those terrible worrisome negative thoughts, that often we don't take in the true beauty around us.

Times have a tendency to include bits that aren't so nice and when you look back on history, one thing stands out:

Difficult and hard times do pass to make space for better ones.

When we sign up for anything or rather sign our lives away, we carefully peruse the fine print, although those clever Internet giants cunningly wrapped the fine print into an endless amount of pages and most of us barely make it through the first page of legal jargon and just surrender and click Yes I Accept. But we still try to make the effort.

Yet, in everyday life we have a tendency to ignore the finer print or rather the finer details of our lives, those that make it so darn beautiful. A while ago I read somewhere, that if you see a penny on the floor and step over it because you think it isn't worth your while to pick it up, the universe doesn't see the point of sending you anything bigger. Be it a Euro, ten Euros or a million Euros.

What if the secret to a happy life is to pick up on the seemingly small fry that is part of our everyday tapestry? Most of us dream of living in a wonderful cottage ( beach or mountain ) away from it all, but how on earth are we worthy of it when we don't even notice that the sun is shining or that the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming, in our own backyards?

Once we take off those blinding man made blinkers, those that have solidified through constant bombardment by the far reaching tentacles of that octopus like new media industry, we start to realize that what we've been searching for is right under our very noses.

Beauty is indeed in the eyes of the beholder and once you notice that grand old tree in your road, the twittering bird on your roof and the happy buzzing of bees, a sense of contentment and gratitude are not far off...

Life is beautiful...