Friday, 26 February 2016

Last Night, We Had A Screw Loose...

Never a dull moment to be had.

Wooden floors are so visually soothing, nice and warm but there is one drawback and that happens at night. The smallest of treads is amplyfied to the third degree. I purposely say third degree, because Bob has a tendency to enquire why a feather weight like me can make such a thumping noise while ambling ( tip toeing ) about, as one does in the middle of the night.

Well, last night another member of our family got into trouble. As small as she is, our Maus can make a mighty noise. Of course, she can do no wrong in Bob's eyes as she tends to be the apple of his eyes. Give it a few years, and it might change!

Anyway, there I was half slumbering and half watching a hardly audible television program when it started. Thank goodness I knew who the culprit was otherwise I might have remembered that dreadful Poltergeist movie.

My gosh, you should have heard it. The noise that is and the cat. She was in her element, playing at flicking a piece of something about. She could easily have been the understudy for Keira in Bend it like Beckham as she was so deft of foot and and apart from not doing any headers, she dribbled, flicked and kicked her bit of something with laser like precision and made sure that the most amount of noise could be had.

At first I thought she was playing with her favourite toy, a mistakenly dropped dried noodle ( one, that disappeared between the packet and the pot, never to be seen again... ) which she cunningly and immediately took possession of. No flies on our Maus. Several attempts by us to throw away this one piece of dried pasta ( eh, co-incidentally shaped like a screw ) were nullified by her finding it again. Or perhaps I did drop more than the one fusilli and she is hording them?

When I missed the dialogue during The Three Musketeers, I got up from my comfy cocoon and quickly took her toy away. Well, expecting a dried fusilli, I was surprised to find a little screw. Yes, a small metal computer screw that she had gotten hold of...of course, it begs the question:

Who has a screw loose in our house?