Tuesday, 1 March 2016

At Least I Can Still Shower On My Own...

Ah, how quickly a cat changes a routine.

As you know, the two of us have gone dilly over our little cat, Maus, and as they say, the rest is history. Privacy, what is that? Wherever we go...there can be heard the footfall of our little one.

As docile and angelic as she looks while slumbering in her gold plated bed ( a.k.a. the basket-bed that Bob hand made specially for his little princess ), she can outrun us if she thinks we are headed toward the larder or ehem, the loo.

One of our loos, is in the back of the house and the door doesn't click shut, because an electric cable ( for the laptop ) runs at the bottom of it. If I were to move the cord a bit, I could close the door properly, but as it is only us in the house, merely pretending that the door is closed was enough, that is until...!

When I visit said abode in the mornings, Maus would sit outside it and meaow bitterly and heart wrenchingly. Well, it turns out our cat is a genius because she figured out how to push her weight against the door and push it open. Imagine, there I am stuck on the loo and what can I do?

Sometime you see her paw coming through the bottom of the door, and it is the cutest thing ever...

With lazer like precision, our cat jumped onto my lap and promptly settled in for a nap! Goodness, what a mad cat...When I called Bob to have a look, he nearly fell over backward with laughter and thankfully he didn't know where my camera was.

Each and every morning, the cat either pushes open the door or if it is locked, performs to such an extent that Bob gets up to open it for her.

Upon further investigation I discovered that I am far from alone as there are hundreds upon hundreds of stories where the cat insists on sitting on the lap, while in the smallest room of the house. Luckily she is not fond of water and the sound of the shower gets her into supersonic gear on the way out.

Although, I have to admit that on Sunday while I was cleaning the bathroom, there she was watching ever step I made with great interest. It turns out that cleaning with an audience is much more fun...but not as much fun as being the audience!