Sunday, 6 March 2016

The Blue Skies Of Spring.

A magical awakening after Winter.

As much as I like the hibernating time of winter, I have to admit that seeing a blue sky that portents a warm day is an elixir for my soul. The birds are tweeting their joy at finding more food with happy abandon and hopefully soon the buzzing of bees will be heard.

Winter is nice and cozy especially whilst reading a book on the sofa, cat on lap and glass of Blaufränkisch at my side. You know, there is just something so fabulous about seeing snow flakes pirouetting towards an awaiting ground because it gives you even more reason to snuggle up.

Of course there are a few minor twitches of dislike associated with winter. Doing laundry, or rather drying laundry is not as easy as it is in warmer weather. We don't own ( nor want ) a tumble dryer, so we hang each load of washing on a rickety clothes rack in the middle of our bathroom. Rather bothersome to hang up a load over those closely set strings.

Oddly enough we also do less laundry over the winter...suspicious indeed! Well, with our recent batch of warmer weather, we've hung up a few loads of washing outside on our beloved washing line. The sun has been appearing at odd times but has been accompanied by a cold wind which ironically enough blew the washing dry that much faster.

Walking about in our neighbourhood, I haven't seen any occupied washing lines and again, Bob and I are the odd ones out, especially since Bob has chopped our hedge to the bare branches. Oh yes, walking passed our place yesterday, I saw a few of my delicates prominently swaying on our line.

Once I was home, I speedily took down those few items and hung them up inside because I didn't want to see them floating all over the neighbourhood due to a gusty wind...

The yellow hue is a welcoming marker on these boulders...
The blue skies are welcome.