Friday, 18 March 2016

A Collective Cheer Went Up All Over Austrian Schools This Morning: Easter Holidays!

Not just the pupils but the parents too.

Somehow not having children ( sorry Mausi, close your are our little bundle of joy ) we skate blissfully unaware passed that fast lane occupied by harassed, stressed out and at the end of their tether parents.

As much as most kids hate going to school and have a running countdown to any and all holidays, so do the parents dislike the effort needed to get their kids to school each morning. A packed lunch is the least of their problems. Wanting the best for your loved ones does mean going to school twice.

Homework isn't just supervised, but often done with them, even though the parents themselves have had a long and stressful day at work and would much rather put up their feet and watch a soap opera.

Maths is of course a subject where most parents have to call in a tutor because cunningly the Math Teachers' of the world have changed the material each and every year. If you don't believe me, just have a squizz at a school Maths book. If you can do any of the Math exercises, I will bow my head with respect! Parents definitely won't be doing the homework...

School was more fun back in the day. Oh, of course we all hated it at some point but on the whole it was a fun place to spend the day. Not too difficult to traverse. We still had time to play outside in junior school and laze around our bedroom in high school.

Looking at the schedule ( yes, a better word because a timetable denotes an easier day ) most kids have, makes me sad. When you include the homework given each day, most of the young kids are working 8-10 hour days, and often leave for school before 7 am. Especially children with perhaps dyslexia spend even more time each day preparing and catching up.

Well, after today they will be on holiday for about two weeks. Some will go away and some will just spend each precious minute of their holidays doing everything that isn't related to school...

Happy holidays...