Monday, 28 March 2016

And Just Like That The Hooks Of Opulence Have Found Its Prey.

All it took was Easter...

Honestly, by now I am all chocolated out and you might as well call me Sweet Cheeks! What is it about those tier one holidays that make us lose all sense of time, and willpower and yet at the same time hone our orientation skills?

Like bloodhounds we can locate any and all morsels in our larders, kitchens, fridges and beyond. A back up plan or rather the one place open during this holiday is imprinted in the back of our minds.

Our Easter breakfast started off rather humbly with eggs, ham and homemade bread but morphed into a much more opulent occasion with my parents bringing a whole lot of goodies, and a rather nice surprise too.

Before they were both through the door, I heard a shout of

* " Oh, darn ! " ...or something along those lines!
accompanied by the shattering sound of a bottle. As no one was hurt, I took it for what it was...another christening of our home. A good luck ceremony one step better than the champagne bottled bow. Our delightful home was blessed with a bottle of green gold or rather Pumpkin Seed oil...and yes, just in case you are wondering, the front step is a tad bit on the shady side of green.

But back to the breakfast table which was now laden with salmon, boiled eggs, chocolate eggs, bars of chocolate, homemade blackberry jam, freshly baked rolls and a glass of white wine to chase, it was more of a brunch. Quite literally I was sitting at the table not too sure what to eat first, next or even last, but like the trooper I am, I did lighten the load.

Are you also afflicted with that strange phenomena of being hungry not even an hour after an opulent meal? In a way it might be the lure of a fully stocked fridge, stocked with ready-to-eat goodies ( the original finger food ) calling my name and of course Schatzi's too. Amazing how nimble of foot he gets when he tries to sneak a peak at the fridge without me knowing!

The time change is still afflicting my behaviour and I blame it for my trying to eat yet another Easter egg at four in the morning...How scandalous indeed! Oh well, in the words of Scarlet O'Hara:

" Fiddle-de-dee, tomorrow is another day "