Wednesday, 16 March 2016

It's Raining Snow!

Could the Easter eggs be buried in snow this year?

" Never count your chickens before they have hatched ", seems like a good idiom to live by. A few days ago, the skies were brilliant in their azure colours, the sun was beaming a lovely warm smile and Bob would have worn his shorts, if I hadn't put them away at the end of last summer.

Warm being a relative term and what is shorts & T-shirt weather in Burgenland ( 12-15 Degrees ) is a cause to cuddle up in a few blankets in South Africa.

It started yesterday afternoon with one of those weird weather situations. The sun was trying to pierce through a dull blanket of cloud and all of a sudden, a gust came up and carried snow flakes in it. We both looked out the window in disbelief at seeing many snow flakes doing their spiral tango.

Well, that lasted a few hours and perhaps went elsewhere but now this morning, it is back with a vengeance. Why do I call it a rainy snow? Well, the roofs are wet and yet there are many flakes dropping down. Hopefully it won't be a barrage of snow because it is a bit late in the season and the kids are all looking forward to hunting down the hidden Easter eggs in the gardens.

Easter seems to have snuck up on us out of nowhere...just the other day we were having a lovely Christmas dinner and now another feast is on the immediate horizon. One, that is bracketed by chocolates from all sides. The shops are bursting with all types of Easter paraphernalia and it takes a lot of discipline to walk past the various displays of chocolate without delving in.

There was an amazing program shown on Austrian TV about our area and the many fabulous and interesting people living in it. One lady a few villages away, is an artist who creates the most divine Easter eggs. Real shells, decorated with minute detail and beauty.

This ORF program is about 45 mins long, but also includes many amazing talents of our area. Wine, Food and Art

As for the late flurry of snow flakes: It is getting more intense despite Bob muttering a liturgy of prayers wishing this Winter away...