Saturday, 12 March 2016

Personalized High Speed Cordless Floor Cleaner.

For all those who love companionship but have a dislike for cleaning floors.

Goodness, this must include mostly everyone. Cleaning our floor isn't something I look forward to and luckily for us, our floors aren't white and we now have one of those cordless magical cleaners.

All those who've put a white floor into their homes must be regretting it by now? This is a magnet for every bit of fluff, dirt and flint on an hourly basis. No, I am so glad we've got wooden floors, and proper wood as opposed to the laminated kind. It changes colour and no, not because of lack of cleaning!!!

Anyway, for the last few months, the few rugs that are scattered about on our floors, have a tendency to move around. At first, Bob and I suspected a ghost ( well, honestly it was just me, as Bob tends to ignore anything to do with the floor ) and it was a tad bit like an Encounter of the Third Kind . Recently, any and all items of clothing discarded willy nilly on the floor also have a tendency to disappear into different rooms.

Well, whereas we humans go for a jog around our neighbourhood, our delightful little kitten loves to rug surf about in our house. Nothing third rate about her, because she takes the proper starting distance of a few meters, before running at the highest speed she has. With great glee, balance and precision, our little Mausi hops onto the middle of the rug and surfs it to better shores.

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Too cute indeed and for good measure she does the return trip too. One strip of our floor is gleaming beyond description and all due to her. Marvelous, and all we have to do is to make sure she has enough tidbit to eat. Carbo-loading indeed.

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Socks are of course a staple for this floor cleaner, but the other day while Bob was cat proofing the outside door, I heard an irritated and slightly alarmed Bob utter:

" Schatzi, I'm missing a nail, have you or Mausi taken it? "

Can you believe that he asked a few times while searching for this missing nail. As if I would tease him like that...he quickly apologized when he found said nail in Mausi's lair...her perch on a windowsill...

Here endeth another episode of:Catabury tales of Bob and Biggi


Our exhausted Mausi taking a break from surfing...