Thursday, 10 March 2016

I'll Be Watching Juergen Klopp Tonight!

Manchester United versus Liverpool...

Bob very politely but firmly told me that he'll be watching the game on TV tonight and therefore yours truly will too. Just to get me into the soccer mood, we watched the UEFA game last night, but I fell asleep and Bob didn't see the end either.

This Mr. Klopp has something about him, and even though he tends to project a slightly scruffy look, he has a loyal female fan-club and I put myself in it. Thus, Liverpool will be my team to cheer for.

Tonight is one of those nights that used to be had watching Dallas back in the 80's...supper done early, chips and drinks ready and separate couches occupied. My Schatzi prefers Manchester United to Liverpool and it will give us a healthy bit of competition.

The local pubs and clubs will be filled to the rafters and quite frankly, the noise level might be a tad bit too much. Soccer fans plus beer, equal a lot of noise and rules re-explained to the referee, who of course can hear every word that is thrown at him from every TV screen across the world!

A quick trip to the shops to get the staples needed to enjoy a match ( chips, dip, chocolate ) might be a good idea, and just so I don't nod off before halftime, I think I'll get out a hard backed kitchen chair to sit on instead of the slumber inducing couch.

The game being played between two English clubs will mean that a handful of WAG's (Wives and Girlfriends ) will be decorating the stands and of course causing a thumb-pede online, with women trying to copy their look.