Sunday, 20 March 2016

A Sunny Sunday Morning In Burgenland.

A sporting day ahead and hopefully complemented with cake...

We nearly forgot about all the sport happening today because we were out and about yesterday afternoon. As one does?! The Eisenberg Fire Department had an open day to show off their new truck. And a beauty it is too.

Bob was in his regalia and also jolly cross that I ( for once ) didn't have my camera on hand to depict him in various poses around the hoses. The local kids were in their element looking at this real life version of the red truck, and I think they were and still are spewing forth excitement because they all were given a ride on the red truck. A ride with klaxons too!

Their faces said it all and some kids managed to squeeze in for more than one ride around the block. At one stage the cheeky firemen announced a ride along for all the older ladies and I was so shocked when they looked at me as well, that I missed the opportunity. Apparently there were more than a few older ladies and the truck was full!

Just goes to show that most of us women go weak at the knees for a fireman on a truck...

Perhaps next time. This morning I was planning mundane stuff such as what to make for breakfast when the voice of reason and knowledge ( eh, not God but Bob ) asked why I wasn't watching the Formula One? Oh, you have never seen such a fast sprint towards the telly and luckily we'd only missed the first seven laps although at the moment the race has stopped due to a bad though luckily, no injuries, accident.

Today is the one Sunday of each year, where the Formula One and the Alpine Skiing collide. After today, the skiing is on hiatus until November and just to tide us over, the Formula One will take over on Sundays.