Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Spring Cleaning Into An Abundant Kellerstoeckl Season.

The joys of spring do involve a bucket, water and organic cleaning material.

Somehow it has established itself as the season for visitors to imbibe in the manna of our bit of Burgenland. Sunshine, nature, wine and peace coupled with quiet. April to October is almost set in stone, yet for me, Winter has many aspects of a beautiful holiday wrapped in it.

As cute and small as the Kellerstöckls are, a spring clean is still a spring clean and takes time and energy. At first it always seems a bit daunting, knowing that each and ever corner of it will be brushed, washed and polished but after a few minutes, memory returns and it is almost fun and the best part is being with my mum. The two of us have established a nice cleaning routine and apply it throughout the season.

Imagine spending a few days in this charming, cute, romantic and affordable holiday cottage in the middle of a vineyard...

Easter is not far off and it has been whispered that the thermometer might reach into the 20's. How fabulous! Vienna only being a hop skip and a jump away, I think that there might be a few clever Viennese coming to spend a long weekend with us in Burgenland.

" Dear Viennese, just imagine stocking up on the divine Burgenland sunshine & wine straight from the source. "

Now that spring is officially stamped on everyone's calendar, the hills are alive with the music of wires being pulled, people chatting while tending the vines and the clicking sound of the Nordic walking sticks.

Today, is another nice working day coupled with wine making...filling the bottles of wine. This will be Bob and my fifth year of helping with the wine making process and it is another nice tradition to have.

Memories have already been imprinted and as always I will think of my uncle who passed away two years ago. He always had a sense of humour second to none and it was great fun filing the bottles of wine alongside him. He, no doubt will be watching us from a comfortable chair up above, while sipping the wine from there... ( gosh, I do hope they serve wine up there... ).