Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Suddenly, Tea Has Center Stage.

What's it to be, tea or coffee?

In some way I feel rather shabby right now for all the scoffs I've uttered and muttered towards those who tend to wake up with a cup of tea.

" Really, tea first thing in the morning? That surely doesn't get rid of the cobwebs? "

Did I mention, that I have drunk tea for years, but not as a wake me up beverage?...The tide has turned and for the last few weeks, tea is favourite as soon as I am awake and I know why.

Bob and I have been given a fantastic coffee machine. One of those professional ones but not a capsule one!, because I wouldn't have those in my house. This delightful machine more than makes up for its hefty circumference with the freshly ground cups of java it percolates. There is one draw back, a tiny tends to be noisy, enough to awaken the slumbering giant.

As we've packed the filter coffee maker away along with the ground coffee, I had a choice of making tea or waking up a not-fond-of-waking-up-before-the-sun man...pulling the proverbial tiger's tail would be more fun and so I chose tea. In Bob's defense, I do get up at 5 bells and as I have been sporting his wedding ring for years, he doesn't see why he should impress me by getting up early. Oh, those days of courtship and going for early walks together!

Drinking tea in most European neighbourhoods is not the same as drinking tea in the English and formerly colonial countries. Let me warn you right here, that when you go into a cafe in Austria and order tea, chances are you will get a fruit or herbal tea. A pot of tea might only be served at special hotels in the metropolis.

Politely asking for a spot of milk to mingle with the tea tends to make people shiver in distaste. Tea & milk is a foreign concept indeed, but I love it. Milky tea, is there anything better? Oh, naturally it has to be a white cup, and not a dainty one either.

Not all tea is the same though and tea fanatics can be as enthusiastic as wine lovers. At the moment I drink the 5 Roses tea that Bob brought back from his trip back to S.A. and when this stash is depleted I will have to go on a couple of tea-tastings. A tea without strength is like a wine without alcohol and what would be the point to that?