Tuesday, 29 March 2016

And Just Like That The Long Weekend Has Evaporated.

The teaching & learning ranks are one step ahead of the game.

Many an unwilling worker will be queuing up on the never ending long road to work. Traffic jams will induce the much rested yet always alert tempers to flare and I hope that the radio stations are using their trump cards...BeeGees, Abba, Frank Sinatra, Elton John and the like.

Protest all you like, but just about everyone calms down and enters the content zone when any of the classics by the above are played. Let's rather all be groupies of Wayne's World than of the finger flaunting group.

As for the idiom of Trump card, I think it is high time to drop it from our vocabulary as it does make the mind stray into marshlands of politics which seems to have eschewed the Queensberry Rules...

Sugar highs are almost instantaneous and sadly stay a while and with one of the main commercial focus of Easter being the having, hoarding and hiding of chocolate Easter eggs, one can just about imagine the crash on the other side of this mega sugar high. Bad tempers, tiredness and generally slower pace are more than likely on the cards of businesses.

Of course the teaching establishments are a huge and clever step ahead. They are only returning tomorrow and cunningly have kept the sugar affected kids in the care of their parents for another day. Hoping of course, that the chocolates would have all been eaten on Monday...

Mondays should be painted red in calendars but then, Tuesday is the new Monday and then what? Even though we've all had a taste of a Monday being a holiday, the spectre of Tuesday looms just as large. Being in the glass half full category, at least the advent of Friday moves that much nearer.

Luckily for me, the first order of my work schedule is to meet for a long walk with a group of villagers. With the elation of a post walk-work-out last week, it was arranged for today and I hope nobody has has fallen prey to this long weekend bug.