Thursday, 17 March 2016

Luckily St. Patrick's Day Took The Snow Away.

What a crazy day it was yesterday...

Snow in the morning followed by sunshine in the afternoon, was a lot to digest. That hour in the morning that a snow storm threatened to descend on Eisenberg had us fire up both ovens full force. Our cat didn't know which perch to choose and did an alternating slumber option.

Bob even organized a piece of soup meat and made a mean soup for supper. If you ever have the option, try making a soup on a wooden fire, either a la campfire or a la Aga. Even the prelude to eating this soup is surrounded by divine aromas wafting through the house. Possibly the drops of broth landing on a hot iron surface...

By sunset, the sun really set and it had me wonder whether it was all in my imagination because if someone had told me that a few hours earlier the air was filled with snow flakes, I would have asked him/her to cease drinking.

Being a good wife, I mumbled to Bob that a championship soccer match was being shown on TV and surprise surprise, he heard me loud and clear. I did say that I mumbled, didn't I?

We settled in to watch the game, and true to form, I only became a spectator three quarters in...oh, that couch of ours must be sprinkled with laudanum. So, there I snorted awake as one does when slumbering elegantly in front of the telly when Bob did a cheer of note.

After an almost written off match, Bayern Munich scored their first goal. Oh, I was awake and with the luck of the Irish (!), was able to see Müller do his magic just before the end, which luckily extended for another half hour. And what a fantastic overtime it turned out to be.

Love him or hate him, but Pep the trainer is fantastic. His team stepped it up a gear and did what great teams do when the pressure is on...they won. Even without Robben ( flue ), Schweinsteiger ( Man U ) and others. I don't know about you, but I see a few trophies floating towards Munich, perhaps even three.