Thursday, 3 March 2016

A Sobering Thought, Being A Literary Dinosaur

What a poser...

It isn't as if I was a specialist in the literary circles of the Shakespearean age. No, in fact I am a mere upstart of the 20th Century. A phase in time, where good reads were penned.

Somehow I should have known, that when an author ( of course the Bard is an exception ) is used as an extra byline to confuse students or as it is mistakenly referred to as Reading Comprehension, that my joyous question of

" Do you also like Agatha Christie? "
is met with a blank stare and a response of
" Never heard of her. "

A definite case of Oh, my! ...As much as the Twilight Saga has followed in the footsteps of the Harry Potter Sagas, in bringing young kids back to reading, it seems to have stopped for most at these mega books.

Not many have taken the momentum by storm and gone on a book tour of the ages. Most have put a toe across the threshold of unlimited imagination and entertainment but have sadly turned back and dropped the one easy way to go on an adventure whenever and wherever they would have wanted to.

Now and again one does stumble across a few kids who have not only put a toe across, but are living amid the stories held between the covers of a book. The irony is that they are so involved, absorbed and busy reading the next page, that they haven't got the time nor inclination to be online.

Books don't have to be expensive as most schools, villages and towns do have a library. There is something special about meandering down the isles of a library and knowing you can take any book that you feel like reading without it costing much. In Oberwart at the library ( it is rather small, I have to admit ) they only charge for late returns and then only a few cents a week...

Going to the library also teaches one very important aspect of knowledge...

Finding your way around the alphabetical way of storage. Be it books or words in a dictionary....another one of those " unheard of " books penned in the 20th century!