Friday, 11 March 2016

Sometimes We Need To Allow Ourselves To Be, Just To Be.

Most of us have that silly item of clothing called a societal straitjacket in our wardrobes.

Perhaps it's more noticeable in a small village. Most know each other's business. The other day, a villager asked me why I hadn't walked that morning and told me that she sees me every time I walk out my gate!

In my age group, the childhood of many villagers was coupled with helping out at home. That's what one does when your family farms. Lazing about in your room, just wasn't done! One friend told me that when he got home from school, a list of chores to be done that afternoon was next to his lunch plate. Guess what, he still does chores all day around the house and yard, when he is on leave...

There are a lot of housewives whose kids have left the nest and who have worked hard bringing up children. They really deserve to take life easier and do what what makes them happy because being a housewife is not an 9-5 job but a round the clock occupation.

A housewife who brings up children has in fact worked a full life's worth of work by the time the kids leave home...A housewife's workday often ends after midnight.

One villager told me, that she feels guilty going for a walk in the morning as that might send a signal out to others, that she hasn't got any work to do...

Let's be honest. How often do we do things only because it is expected of us?

" Oh my Gosh, what will the neighbours think, say or whisper? "

  • Getting a bigger house even though the one you have is perfectly fine and paid off.
  • Getting an expensive car to show you've made it.
  • Going on expensive holidays in order to post ' Oh, look at us on holiday ' photos on Facebook.

This constant need to be like the proverbial Jones's ( remember that nowadays our neighbourhood is global ) is like a straitjacket that is keeping us from being, just being...Life is at times difficult enough and often we make it even more so.

Just imagine what our life will feel like once we let go of the need to impress the Jones's...?
Oh, and imagine the money we'll be saving!