Monday, 7 March 2016

Another Successful & Hilarious Village Play.

Relationships tend to bring about laughs or at least knowing smirks.

It almost seems surreal that this was our fourth play to have watched. Time, has a way of flying by. The local thespians put on a tremendous show and had the audience captive to each and every line.

A funny take on relationships and marriage tends to do that and coupled ( eh, sorry ) with local flavour and knowledge, this play was certainly a hit. There are two more performances, so you'd better hurry...

The gist of it was women going on strike ( in all rooms of the house, while vowing not to speak to their other halves ) because their men came home once too often under the weather. Gosh, fiction, true fiction of course! The men did act wonderfully, performing a drunken routine and throughout the play they were imbibing in various pretend (?) alcoholic beverages. My seat was very close to the front and when I watched the various expressions as they knocked back a schnapps or two, I was torn between thinking it was water or indeed the fiery type.

My favourite bit was when an actor playing the part of a twenty year marriage veteran came walking into the scene seemingly on clouds of happiness, saying:

" I am so happy. For the first time in twenty years, she hasn't said a word. Oh, bliss not being nagged at all day long. "
There were plenty of men in the audience laughing out loud and a few women huffing and puffing in defense!

The play had three acts of about half an hour each and I take my hat off to all the actors for knowing all of the lines. Rather impressive and should any have had a lapse of memory, there was even a souffler in the pit.

Intervals are always fun and refreshing. When in the heart of wine-mecca, you can be rest assured that great wines were on offer. No chateux de box here!

A village play is a way to connect with friends, enjoy a good story and a way to have your cares slide off your shoulders. Laughter is indeed one of the best medicines around.