Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The Fun Of Having A Cat.

Or rather the sheer fun and love of being adopted by a cat!

They say that cats will settle into their owner's routine and it seems that our little bundle of purr, loves to be a couch potato...goodness, where could she have learned that odd behaviour?

Even though she has a few staples of behaviour, no two days are the same. At the moment she has deigned to favour us with sleeping on our ( Bob's or mine ) lap for hours at a time. I tend to use this wonderful treat by asking Bob to do a lot of the chores I should have done:

" Honey, please could you make me a tea, sandwich, cake, curry etc. You know, I can't move Maus as she looks so comfortable. "
At time it even works!

Both of us have learned the basic bits of Meow and we can tell, if she is hungry, fed up, bored, excited or in need of the loo. Yes, each has a different pitch.

Last night she felt in need of security and spent most of it cuddled on me or at my side. Clever as she is, when I turned in my dazed state onto my side, she merely moved off for a moment and when I'd settled myself in a different position, she reclaimed her spot! When she thinks it's time to get up, her little nose will usually touch mine and she will gently nudge me awake.

She is a strong supporter of the Let's stay offline! and the minute I angle my iPad on my lap, she will sit between it and me and obscure my view entirely. A choice of switching off the iPad or move the cat...no question, she wins!

The other day, Bob admitted that he loves coming home and being greeted by his little princess...oh, and then he quickly amended it to:

" I love coming home to the cat and you...


A re-run, but too cute not to post again...
...ah, the good life with us...
My favourite photo of her...