Sunday, 27 March 2016

The Riddle Of The Annual Flux Of Time, Gets Me Every Time!

Easter Sunday with an added twist.

Honestly, that wasn't a good time to change the clocks. Summer time and Winter time sound more like a Fred Astaire ditty from the 1930's than the annual irritating time change overs.

I can't say that I am brilliant, but at least I can still add in my head which comes in jolly handy while in the supermarkets or restaurants, which is nothing to be scoffed at...Yet, this simple and rather simplistic time change has me stymied! Are we ahead or behind time? Sad but true!

Did you also love learning the time ( oops, sorry about the pun ) tables as a child and asking all and sundry to test you on the 8's, 9's & 10's?

Let's get back to this Sunday morning, a day squashed into the middle of a long weekend and of course a main Holy day for some and a major holiday for the rest. Bob and I are quite excited and happy to have my parents for a long, leisurely Sunday breakfast at our house. One of those delightful affairs where eggs, bacon ( oh drat Bob, we've forgot the bacon ), ham, homemade bread, chocolate, etc. will grace the table.

As to the ham, it is a special one because it survived three days unopened in our fridge! Bob, every time he opened this appliance, uttered his " Ooh, look what I found! " which almost had me put a sticker on the packet: Hands off! Sunday breakfast fodder.

The best laid plans usually don't get off the ground. As both of us tend to hover mostly in the
Oh, let's do everything at the last moment corner, we now seem to have lost one hour in which to do everything...that is unless my parents are also confused with this time change and perhaps arrive an hour later? Although I think they will be led by their growling stomach, and choose the right time.

Why is a simple one hour so difficult to work out and into the day? Those who don't have digitalized time instruments ( TV, computer, alarm clock ) will have to be alert to get to the church on time...Imagine getting married today and not being sure if one has been stood up or has the pleasure of marrying a timeless classic.