Monday, 14 March 2016

The High Price Of Privacy.

Twenty years ago, we had less stress.

It isn't as though we have a Smartphone, yet if we had had one, they might have solved our problems earlier. Well, our cell phone is on strike and is refusing to let calls or texts come through and it turns out that because it isn't connected online, there is nothing visible to the cell phone company. Good to know, that a mere cell phone might provide more privacy.

The helpful people at the other end of a phone call to the service provider were nice, but they needed one small yet vital ingredient to make a diagnosis.

Our password for online help

So there I was hanging onto our telephone receiver, moments away from a solution, when the lady asked me for my password.

" Password? Eh, What password? "
" Just the one that allows me to help you over the phone. It is a very easy one, but I need you to say it! "

We invented this password almost five years ago, and for the life of me I cannot remember it or where I would have written it down. Passwords aren't things we keep in open view...just in case someone decides to use them.

You would be within your rights to call us silly, or indeed Buffle-Headed!, to not have written it down, but how many do? Look, Bob and I will have to hot foot it into Oberwart to their shop and they will sort it out. A bit of an inconvenience though.

When you think about it, there are so many different passwords and codes we need to remember these days. It used to be a mere signature at your bank and often it was enough that the teller knew us. That would fall under personal service...

Honestly, I have a yearning for yesteryear with landlines and phone booths